The Expertise

Four facilities, multidisciplinary expertise.
Ondulkart solutions result from a combination of experience, professionalism and passion, and are geared towards continuous improvement.

Our staff undertake a programme of continuous training to ensure they develop into highly specialised professionals.

Ondulkart’s expertise is a natural consequence of our people oriented approach and the central role our staff play in creating solutions within the company and on each of the projects entrusted to them.

we always collaborate with the best suppliers to obtain favourable raw material quotes and to monitor the punctual supply of those materials.
our primary aim is to satisfy our clients and we look to be their steadfast point of contact within the company.
Back Office
as soon as an order arrives, a close-knit network of dynamic personnel swings into action, ready to oversee the entire production cycle through to the timely delivery of the goods, ensuring the client is kept fully and constantly up to date on progress.
Quote Preparation
we prepare quick, comprehensive quotes, accurately assessing our costs together with the client's expectations.
we look to create trusting relationships by demonstrating our professionalism and technical know-how.
we guarantee accuracy and competence, evaluating the financial needs of our clients.
Human Resources
we create close relationships with each member of staff, ensuring they understand they're a valued member of our team.
we train professional individuals to become experts in evaluating and devising projects, including highly complex projects.
our vast fleet of machines is operated by continuously trained personnel.
a deep understanding of our sector's raw materials and technologies is necessary to turn our client's requirements into reality.
we prepare the graphics files and make them available to our operators for the timely manufacture of the product.
we coordinate the processing activities undertaken in the various facilities and optimise workloads, including in response to urgent delivery requests from the client.
Lean Production
we analyse the production process to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste.
It Office
we guarantee constant support and innovation to maintain the efficiency of our systems.
Health & Safety
we pay close attention to ensuring safe and correct working practices are being employed, because health & safety is the number one priority.
we constantly monitor the quality of goods entering and leaving our facilities, so as to ensure our products are always in line with the expectations of our clients.
we are always on hand to support our activities with legal advice and assistance.
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