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Ondulkart oggi - <span style='color: #ffffff'>Sede Direzionale e Produzione</span> (UK) Research & Developmet  - <span style='color: #ffffff'>Research & Developmet</span> (UK) Carotecnica e P.o.p & Visual Merchandising - <span style='color: #ffffff'>Carotecnica e P.o.p & Visual Merchandising</span> (UK) Produzione e Stampa ad alta definizione - <span style='color: #ffffff'>Produzione e Stampa ad alta definizione</span> (UK)

What Ondulkart is today

It is a main leader in the corrugated cardboard packaging field: A reliable partner regarding traditional packaging, exhibitor and sales point material supply solutions.
The company has been rewarded not only by their customers but also by press and financial analysis agencies. In 2010 Ondulkart has been placed within the thirtiest most acknowledged companies (PMI) regarding development, management and profitability.

The various types of packaging offered satisfy all requests belonging to different fields.

  • American
  • Punched
  • Spreaded
  • Automatic bottoms
  • Big dimensions
  • Heavy-duty cardboard (anti-humidity)
  • casket type, tray type having 4 to 6 pasting points
  • Hives and angulars
  • Visual merchandising, instore communication and POP products


  • flexographic up to 6 colours
  • high definition printing
  • Off-set
  • Digital


  • rotating
  • flat
  • cut plotter

is not only done by the numbers.

The figures do not consider the application, dedication and the ability of individuals who collaborate on a project.

But, just as often, they are the numbers that define the size and success of a company and of the working group that collaborates in it.

We like to remember that, despite a steady growth and a cutting-edge financial and organizational capacity, Ondulkart has managed to maintain the skill and care of the craftsman and is able to supply even small quantities or special processing.

Even today, in fact, every single project is followed in detail, proposing solutions, efficient, reliable and economically viable.


Personnel 170
N. plants/factories 4
Covered square meters 37.000
Production lines 14
Number of kilometers driven by our vehicles for deliveries 1.200.000