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Co-progettazione e controllo Test qualitativi Tecnologia industriale e sapienza artigianale

Research, development design study

Cooperate design - Our design office puts at disposal their competence regarding technically functional, solid and design innovating packaging and displays to customers and Communication agencies.
Not only: we are able to solve real time problems.
Our expert staff can quickly solve any problem concerning even a complex design for a sample which has been requested.



Quality testing.
Check control testing is brought forth on cardboard material quality and its mechanical performance.

Immediate response.
Our commercial office can supply immediately on request all suggestions and technical solutions needed.

Speed, precision and quality.
Technology and computer assistance is fully given when needed to have maximum productive efficiency.

Cooperative designing and check.
Every working engagement expect a close collaboration between our technical office and the customer's design office.

Two plotters for prototypes and small productions.
We operate up to 2200 x 3050 mm formats.
These plotters cut, without punch costs, corrugated cardboard, FOREX, DIBOND, EXPANSE, MDF and other materials.