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Cartone  test Il  mondo del cartone ondulato

The corrugated cardboard world

This type of packaging support is the one majorly used nowadays. It is highly adaptable to any type of use and the components which make it up are totally recyclable in respect to most other materials which are used for other types of supports.
Its use is widespread and its aspect being not so "complicated" really hides the complexity of the composition: putting together various types of paper, corrugated or drawn, of different weights and qualities a variety of cardboard having from 1 up to 3 layers of corrugated can be produced satisfying various needs. Here is a synthesis regarding technical notes.



ONDULKART:3654 With identification number and nationality regarding producer.
Resy GmbH guarantees that all packaging is recyclable and reuseable only if its brand name is shown on the boxes.

Is the name of the partner/producer of the National Consortium regarding recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging.Comieco deals, together with CONAI, the recovery, recycling and pick-up of the cellulose-based packaging.

Cartone ondulato reciclabileRecyclable Corrugated Cardboard brand name
This brand has the name of "a close friend of nature" which means complete recyclablity of the prime material used for packaging production.

Punto verde Green point Brand Name
"This brand name is given and licensed by the users of materials like alluminium, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and similar materials for packaging. These user companies are then commited to return to DUALES all material to be recovered and recycled.

GIFCOGIFCO Ondulkart brand name
This brand name belongs to the ITALIAN PRODUCERS OF CORRUGATED CARDBOARD GROUP representative of all corrugated cardboard makers and "transformer" partners.