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Composizione Scatole Packagin in giallo Astoria Stampa flexografica a colori Packagin in bianco Packagin in nero Scatola con autoalveare Scatola per bottiglie stese Scatola Scatola 2 Scatola 3 Bastianich Scatola con separatori integrati


The tradition of taste, and the wisdom of our winemakers: an art that then as now gives the wine its magic ... but the class is also expressed through the bottle, cap, label and box ... : she is the winning glance that affects the consumer!

Our customers are asking for boxes printed with the highest quality, with colorful graphics that can translate into emotions the merits of their wine before it is tasted.

Our production line dedicated to the wine industry is highly specialized and is supported by a design team that knows the needs of international shipping and packaging that often follows automated bottling.